Storms / Winter Reminders - Jan. 11, 2012

Happy New Year to all Oxford Park unit owners, tenants and residents.

The Board of Directors has reviewed our common expenses in dealing iwth storm damage, and we would like to share our conclusions.

Tree damage alone from Storm Irene and the October snowstorm totaled more than $15,000. Additional repairs from flooding and other storm damage cost close to $10,000.

All told, storm damage has totaled over $25,000 to date, which is more than $150 per unit.

The board has discussed at length how to pay for this damage. Our options have included a special assessment to all unit owners, pulling money from Oxford Park reserves, or trying to use our monthly cash flow from unit owner monthly payments.

Because we have been able to pay for all damage from our operating funds, the Board has decided against a special assessment for the time being and will use savings from reserves only as a last resort.

To do this, and to keep future increases in monthly fees as low as possible, a little help from all unit owners and residents can help control expenses and give the Community enough income to provide essential services.

Please pay monthly condo fees in full and on time. This is incredibly important if we are not to dip into our savings or require a special assessment.

Please make a special effort to care for all common property as if it is yours (it is!)

It costs money every time there is extra trash left outside a dumpster. Take bulk trash like old furniture or carpeting to the Cromwell Transfer Station on Shunpike Road. It's open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and free for Cromwell residents. Bulk trash removal costs are down through your efforts, but still costs $3000 per year, or $20 per unit.

Please put Christmas trees on Clubhouse Drive, near the clubhouse garage doors at the pool entrance.

When it snows, please clear off your car and move it for the snowplow to clear your entire court in one pass instead of making Crowley come back a second time. Help your neighbor if they cannot do this themselves.

If you suspect that a unit is vacant, please contact Meadow Management at 860-635-0188. Water damage from broken pipes can potentially be a significant common expense (paid by all of us) and Management needs to make sure adequate heat is maintained.

Additional information about Oxford Park will be available on our new website, which will be launched by January 31, 2012.

Thanks for your help.