Spring/Summer Notes - April 2011

Enclosed are your new pool passes for the 2011 season. Each pass will allow 3 people into the pool area. Passes must be presented to the attendant when entering. No other passes will be accepted, and all your old ones should be discarded. Please observe all posted pool rules.


Pet Owners

Dogs are to be walked in teh field on Blackhaw Drive. Dogs cannot be loose anywhere on the complex; they must be on a leash. Dogs cannot be tied up to any building, deck or anywhere else. Other than the field on Blackhaw Drive, if your dog leaves its waste anywhere the dog owner is required to pick it up immediately.


Shrub Beds

Each owner is responsible to maintain the beds in front of or to the side of, and in the rear of, each unit. Maintenance means trimming, weeding and providing proper ground cover mulch or stone.


Late Notice Policy

Any common fee account that is not paid in full by the 15th of each month is assessed a late charge of $20.00. Any account that reaches a balance due of $500.00 is automatically sent to the association's attorney for collection. Additional legal fees are added by the attorney and are the responsibility of the owner.



Vehicles parked along yellow curbing may be subject to towing without notice. Vehicles parked in the spaces in front of the clubhouse marked with the "Clubhouse Use Only" signs will be towed without notice.


Clubhouse rental is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call the management office to reserve your date.