Parking Rules & Regulations

Oxford Park Community Association

Parking Rules and Regulations


Revision: February 10, 2009; Revised and approved May 10, 2011


[These parking rules and regulations replace Section C – Motor Vehicles in the Oxford Park Community Association Rules and Regulations, Approved April 13, 1993.]



In accordance with the bylaws of the Oxford Park Community Association, the Board of Directors has reviewed and revised policies to curb abuses of the rules and to safeguard the proper use of the parking lots for the benefit of the unit owners. These policies are provided here and can be amended at any time; any changes to the policies will be disseminated to the unit owners.


All unit owners shall observe and abide by all the parking rules and regulations listed below. Failure to observe and abide by these rules and regulations may result in vehicles being removed from the parking lots by an independent contractor at the unit owner’s risk and expense, for which the Association accepts no responsibility or liability. Unit owners are responsible to inform their guests of these parking regulations.


I.                    General


A.      The parking lots within Oxford Park Community are for the exclusive use of unit owners, visitors, and for those having business with the Association.


B.      All parking spaces are assigned (except for Visitor Parking in the various courts, the 5 spaces in front of the club house, the driveway next to the club house, the 3 spaces on the road leading to upper Larkspur and the three spaces behind the building located at 160 Blackhaw Drive.


C.      All resident vehicles should be registered with Meadow Management. When a vehicle is sold or purchased, this vehicle information must be given to the management office within 10 days. Additionally, if there is a new occupant in your residence and they own a vehicle, their vehicle must be registered within 10 days. Individuals who stay in your home and are no longer a “visitor” must also register their vehicle(s).


D.      Fines may be imposed as a result of consistent and/or repetitive infractions of the rules and regulations. Continued abuse may also lead to vehicles being towed at the owner’s expense.

E.       All unit owners are assigned two parking spaces. Oxford Park has a total of 18 garages located in Phase I. Owners may park in front of their garage on lower and upper Watch Hill circle; there is no parking in front of the garages in Cherokee Court.


F.       A unit owner who is a landlord is responsible to make sure their tenant(s) are provided with a copy of these regulations and comply with all the parking rules and regulations listed in this document.


G.     Unit owners who own more than two vehicles are permitted to park their spare vehicles on the left side of the driveway by the club house, in the 3 spaces on the road to upper Larkspur before the “No Parking” sign, in the 5 spaces in front of the club house and in the 3 spaces behind building 160 Blackhaw Drive. Unit owners may also park their spare vehicles in visitor spaces after 10pm as long as the vehicle is moved by 8am the next morning. Please note that a visitor is defined as “a person who parks at Oxford Park for short periods of time including an occasional overnight.” Persons who park overnight on a regular basis will not be considered a visitor and their vehicle should be registered with Meadow Management.


H.      Unit owner spare vehicles can also be parked on the Cherokee Court/Watch Hill Circle side of Blackhaw Drive. Visitors should also park on Blackhaw Drive when no other parking is available. Please note that between November 15th and April 15 there is no continuous overnight parking on Blackhaw Drive per the town of Cromwell. Unit owners and visitors who fail to move their vehicles could be ticketed and towed by the Cromwell Police Department.


I.        Unit owners must contact Meadow Management before bringing a personal storage container to their parking space. Containers are for moving only, and must be removed within 10 days of arrival. At no time may containers be placed in visitor spaces or common property.


II.                  Restricted Uses


A.      Unit owners and visitors are restricted from parking in areas that are not authorized parking spots – they shall be designated with a number or “Visitor.” Vehicles should only be parked between two white lines with the exception of club house driveway where you are allowed to park on the opposite side of the “No Parking” signs.


B.      Vehicles may never be driven or placed on curbs or grassy-garden areas.


C.      No maintenance may be performed on a vehicle in the parking lot if it creates the potential of liquid discharge into the ground which will require clean up or includes the dismantling of the vehicle.


D.      All vehicles must be registered with a Department of Motor Vehicles and must be in running condition.


E.       Vehicles with commercial plates are prohibited from parking on the property unless the vehicle is on the property due to a word-related reason.


III.                Snow Removal


A.      The snow removal policy will go into effect on Nov. 15th of each year and remain in effect through April 15th of the following year. This policy will remain in effect until rescinded by the Oxford Park Board of Directors.


B.      Unit owners who fail to move their vehicles from their assigned parking space after a snow storm could be subject to fines imposed by the Board of Directors and may be called in to meet with the Board. Fines will be imposed if the vehicle in question impedes snow removal for other vehicle(s) besides their own. The fine will be $25.00 per day.


C.      Unit owners who are away for extended periods of time and leave a vehicle in their assigned parking space should give a spare key to a neighbor or person they trust to move their vehicle. Moving vehicles off-site is also an option.


D.      Vehicles that are not in assigned parking spaces will be towed at the owner’s expense for the purpose of snow removal. If the vehicle is registered with Meadow Management, a phone call will be made prior to the vehicle being towed.


E.       The moving of your vehicle into a visitor designated spot before a storm is prohibited.