Roofing Project Notes

Dear Resident:

The roofing project will begin weather permitting (rain) on Monday, April 15, 2013 on upper Larkspur Drive.

Roofing will begin at approximately 8am and continue until 6pm.

Because the roofs are being stripped we need your help to make the project go smoothly without interruption.

Keep an eye out for the crew and as you see them approaching your building, you can determine that in the next few days they'll be on your building. Don't be afraid to ask them when they might start your unit.


Items of Importance

Before they begin on your unit, we ask that the following is done by each resident:

  • Because of vibrations, we ask that any pictures or other items hanging on walls or on shelves that may fall be taken down to prevent any damage.
  • Deck furniture and any other items on your deck should be moved as close to the building as possible. Umbrellas should be laid down on the deck. Tables should be turned over so the top is on the deck.
  • All bird feeders, planters and otehr items that are attached to the deck and/or rails should be removed and brought inside.
  • Flower pots, hanging baskets, hanging plants, and planters should be brought inside if possible or moved as close to the building as possible.

Neither the contractor nor the association will be responsible for any damage to the above items, if these rules are not followed.


When roofs are being stripped, there will be a very large tarp hanging from the roof to the ground to prevent building and shrub damage. When hanging, you will not have access to enter or exit the unit, as the old roofing will be sliding down the tarp. It will take approximately one hour to strip a unit and then the tarps will be taken down. Be very careful when entering or exiting your unit when the workers are on your roof.

All residents will receive a notice (see below) at their front door informing them that their unit will be worked on the next morning.


Vehicle Parking

All vehicles parked in front of your unit must be removed to the other side of the lot or to the road. The contractor will need the space for ladders and mechanical lifts. This will also prevent damage to your vehicle. Vehicles must be moved before 8am.


Satellite TV

All satellite dishes mounted on the roof of your unit will be removed and reinstalled by the roofing contractor. However, your signal may be affected and you may need to call your provider to adjust it for optimum reception.

If you have a dish on your unit that you are not using, please call the management office any time before we being your building and the dish will be discarded for you.


Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance and if you have any questions please call the management office at 860-635-0188.



Jim Pzynski

For the board of directors




Tomorrow morning we will begin working on your roof (in the event of rain it will be the next day).

Kindly remove your vehicle from in front of your unit before 8am.

Remember when the tarps are hanging down the building while the roof is being stripped, you will not have access to your unit for approximately one hour.

While workers are on your unit, please be careful when entering or leaving.

Work will be done between 8am and 6pm.

Thank you for your cooperation.