2011 Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Call to order by Todd Cherry


Board members present: Todd Cherry, Carin Mancini, Will Rees, Jim Drzewiecki, Krista Lowell, Brian Zawalinski

Jim Przynski, Meadow Management

17 Community members present


Minutes from 7/13/10 Annual meeting were presented. Motion to accept, seconded, approved, to be posted outside club house.


Report of the Board of Directors

Salem Drive paving completed in fiscal year 2011 (FY11 ending 7/10/11). Dog paths also paved at the same time. Parking policy revised and distributed to residents and unit owners. Club house, grounds, pool and other common areas in good condition. Bank loan that funded Salem Drive windows and trim will be paid off by Reserve Study funds on October 2011, allowing entire $70/month to be saved for future projects starting November 2011. Winter weather resulted in 36 damaged units. Jim P was able to group into one incident for a single $5000 deductible. New insurance carrier (Philadelphia) will continue the $5000 deductible for each incident.


Election of new Board of Directors

Expired terms for Carin Mancini, Krista Lowell and Jim Drzewiecki.

Resignation from Carol Brooks.

Jim D. submitted his name for election to a new three-year term. There were no other candidates. Motion to vote, seconded, Jim elected by a voice vote.


New Business and Unit Owners Forum

Unit owner concerned about smoking at the pool. Per Jim P, there is no regulation about smoking at the pool. The subject has never been discussed by the board, and will be discussed at a future meeting.

Unit owner concerned about deck in Salem; deck surface is bad and stairs are rickety. Board is aware of Salem decks wearing out and has discussed them. Decks are (as of now) scheduled for replacement in FY2017 per Reserve Study. For now, unit owners are encouraged to contact Meadow Management with specific problems relating to their decks. These decks are common property.

Unit owner on Watch Hill concerned about gutter drainpipes clogging up. Water from gutter spills over onto stoop. This is at location of major storm drain project last year. Jim P. will have gutter crew look at this on 7/13. Per Jim, all gutters cleaned out after leaves are down in late fall.

Unit owner is concerned about loose dogs, also dogs tied up outside neighboring units. Policy is that all dogs are to be leashed, and dogs cannot be tied up outside without unit owner present. Report infractions to Meadow management at time problem occurs.

Unit owner is concerned about faint parking lines on Lower Watch Hill. Lines will be repainted in FY13 (likely early fall 2012) when Upper Watch Hill is repaved.

Unit owner is concerned about accounts receivables. AR was approximately $16,000 at Annual Meeting 2010. Current AR is about $15,000, has been as high as $22,000. Two units are scheduled to be auctioned in August 2011. All unit owners who owe more than $500 are referred to the attorney for payment schedules or collection. AR policy is posted outside club house per state law.

Unit owner concerned about tree trimming. In FY2011, $10,000 remaining from savings on Salem paving was directed into tree removal. Trimming was not addressed, and would need to be taken up as a separate subject in FY12.

Unit owner concerned about new dumpster location on Shawnee and Lower Larkspur. Concerned about trash now thrown into the woods, as opposed to being out in the open. New location is just uphill from 3 parking spaces on Lower Larkspur. Trucks will engage dumpster by driving through Shawnee, across Larkspur. Subject was discusssed at length by Board of Directors. Additional discussion of recent incident at Shawnee dumpster, where excess trash was left, filling the dumpster and surrounding area. Management has billed the responsible party.

Use of Cromwell Transfer Station is free to all unit owners, with permit. Change of bulk waste policy at Oxford Park, plus eduction, has reduced OPC cost of bulk waste removal by 50 percent in two years.

Unit owner concerned about inappropriate behavior at the pool. Board responded that if behavior is not the type that can be managed by the attendant, call Todd, Brian or Meadow Management.

Unit owner concerned about dog urine and waste outside designated areas. Owner vocal about dog regulations not being enforced, with fines if necessary, while parking violations are enforced. Board clarified that dog urination is not regulated, that dog waste must be collected unless waste is in the designated areas with dog walkways. Mention made that other residents walk their dogs along Blackhaw Drive, and that their dogs use the big field. Residents are encouraged to call or speak up at the time of the violation, when unit owner's action can be addressed.

Unit owner concerned about crack in tennis court. $500 budgeted in FY2012 for tennis court repairs. Jim P. will arrange for repair when Shawnee/Larkspur dumpster paving is done.


Board Meeting

Election of officers is deferred until next regular board meeting.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded, adopted.

Next board meeting, Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Next Oxford Park Annual Meeting Tuesday, July 10, 2012.


Respectfully submitted,

Will Rees, Secretary