March 8, 2016


March 8, 2016

7:00 PM, Oxford Park Clubhouse

Board Members Present: Todd Cherry, Kelly McLain, Barbara Sladek, Jo-Ann Heskett, Jeremy
Nedelka; Jim Drzewiecki

Absent: Brian Zawilinski, William Rees

Vacancy: one

Others Present:
Deann Uberti, Property Manager
Two (2) unit owners

Regular Session

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by President Todd Cherry.

February Board Meeting Minutes corrected and approved.

Owner Comments
o Owner reported seals broken on unit window. Deann Uberti will assist owner.
o Owner reported malfunctioning lighting on Salem
o Owner reported concerns and made suggestions related to pool attendants.
o Owner suggested there should be more formal and consistent follow up on the
status of complaints made to the board or the property management company and
specifically suggested the person making a complaint should be copied on board or
management correspondence with the subject of the complaint. The board declined to
accept the specific suggestion.

Treasurer’s Report
o None. Will Rees absent

Property Manager’s Report
o Deann Uberti will work with Will Rees to prepare a draft budget for the fiscal year
beginning July 1, 2016
o Deann Uberti reported completion of the town fire marshal’s clubhouse inspection.
She will prepare a list of items in the clubhouse to be checked monthly per the fire
marshal. She will follow up on items noted by the fire marshal.
o Deann Uberti requested information about pool opening procedures. Todd Cherry
provided partial information and indicated pool passes should be distributed with
the notice of the June annual meeting.
o Deann Uberti requested board member comments on a revised clubhouse rental

Board Action
o The board discussed adjusting the clubhouse rental fee and imposing a curfew on
clubhouse events.
o Barbara Sladek suggested the board consider postponing a rental fee discussion and
vote until Will Rees can participate. Todd Cherry indicated he had discussed the
matter with Will and that postponement was not necessary.
o There was brief discussion of the fees charged to clubhouse renters. It was noted the
rental fee has not been raised in at least twenty years but clubhouse maintenance
expenses have. Todd Cherry indicated the cost of rental use damage to the
clubhouse in the last ten years has never reached $125.00. Other board members
indicated that would indicate deposit fee may be higher than necessary.

Motion was made and seconded to increase the clubhouse rental fee from
$75.00 to $100.00 effective July 1, 2016. The motion passed on a voice vote
without objection.

Motion was made and seconded to decrease the clubhouse rental deposit fee
from $125.00 to $100.00 effective July 1, 2016. The motion passed on a voice
vote without objection.
o It was agreed without formal vote that curfew for events held at the clubhouse will
be 10 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and midnight, Friday and Saturday.
o Kelly McLain offered to complete revisions to the clubhouse contract made by
Deann Uberti and distribute it for board member review.

Property Manager’s Report (resumed)
o Deann Uberti indicated she is creating a matrix of association vs. unit owner
maintenance responsibilities. There was brief discussion that a committee be formed
to work on the matrix.
o Deann Uberti reported on option for repairing the lighting problem on Salem. Both
trenching and line repair is needed. The board requested an estimate from a licensed
electrician for the repairs. Deann will report back to the board before proceeding
with repairs.

Additional Owner Comments
o Owner concerned that front porch lights and screen doors on Salem units are not

Executive Session
Brief discussion of complaint concerning Cherokee Court resident. No action taken.

Regular Session (resumed)
Todd Cherry said he would like the clubhouse carpeting to be cleaned. No action taken.

Meeting adjourned 8:19 pm

Submitted: April 5, 2016 by Barbara Sladek, Secretary