April 12, 2016





APRIL 12, 2016

7:00 P.M.





Board Members Present: Todd Cherry, Kelly McLain, Barbara Sladek, Jo-Ann Heskett, Jeremy Nedelka; Jim Drzewiecki; Brian Zawilinski, William Rees


Vacancy: one


Others Present:     


Deann Uberti, Property Manager


Two (2) unit owners




Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by President Todd Cherry.




  • March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes approved.

  • First Unit Owner Comments Period

    • Complaints, maintenance and repair requests

      • Nonfunctioning email address for Oxford Park website manager

      • Improperly functioning light at 149 Salem

      • Trash strewn into the woods behind units on Blackhaw Drive

      • Illegally dumped cardboard cartons in Salem dumpster

      • Turf damage with depression in front of Mohawk units 7 through 9.

      • Unsightly gas and utility companies markings in parking lot on Salem

      • Gas company turf damage in front of Cherokee units 2 through 4

      • Pot hole at entrance to Cherokee

    • Unit owner has family member interested in a pool attendant position

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Checking account at $50,000

    • Reserve is being fully funded

    • Painting and repair expenses higher than anticipated this fiscal year

    • Major remaining expenditure for FY 2015-16: audit costs and pool opening/operating expenses

    • On target to conclude the fiscal year in the black

  • Property Manager’s Report

    • Reviewed draft FY 2016-17 budget

    • Noted increased water charges.


    • Delivery and installment (pending) of new clubhouse double doors

    • Westford needs more information about pool opening procedures.  No written procedures located in former manager’s records

    • Westford will have pool inspected for necessary repairs pre-opening

    • Westford will contact Cromwell health department concerning any necessary pre-opening inspection

    • Presented proposal for power-washing all units.  No decision by board.

    • Presented proposal for repaving Cherokee. No decision by board.

    • Discussion of revised clubhouse rental agreement. Minor revisions requested. All board members requested to review and provide feedback. Kelly McLain will continue to incorporate feedback into a final document.

  • Board Member Agenda Items

    • Todd Cherry requested postponement of his agenda items concerning clubhouse rental scheduling and procedures for contacting Westford. No alternate date scheduled.

  • Second Unit Owners Comment Period

    • Shutter painting and screen door maintenance on Salem should be specifically included in next year’s budget

    • Comment on pool attendant payment procedures

    • Comment on water use metering; new meters not cost effective




  • Review of delinquency report and related correspondence from attorney

  • Review of unit owner complaint

  • Review of pool operating procedures






  • Actions to be taken concerning executive session items

    • Westford will draft response to unit owner complaint.

    • Assessment of porch railing on Upper Larkspur will scheduled



Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM




Submitted May 6, 2016 by


/s/Barbara Sladek


Barbara Sladek, Secretary



Approved by the Board of Directors, May 10, 2016